Bezonia The Story

Bezonia began as the brainchild of Emmanuel and Michaël Van De Poel, two brothers with a passion for technology. Together, they set out to develop a platform that could bring different technologies, devices and IT protocols into dialogue by creating a shared language. That was back in 2006.

Since then, technologies have constantly developed and become more complex.

So the Bizmotica company was set up in 2014 to promote and market Bezonia, the revolutionary IT platform for smart buildings and spaces. This was the fruit of the two brothers’ long, hard work.

Today, Bezonia employs a team of twelve people, whose experience and skills are driving the project forward.

Bezonia is a solution aimed at equipment manufacturers, engineering offices, installers, integrators, architects, design consultants and users. 

Bezonia meets the expectations of many different sectors. It has already been installed in hotels, reception areas, shops, private and public enterprises, communities and private homes, both in Belgium and abroad.

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Bizmotica Belgium SA
Avenue Reine Astrid 92
1310 La Hulpe

GPS coordinates : 
50.729301, 4.466517

VAT : BE 0546 695 562