Bezonia provides a solution that means greater comfort, security, eco-energy performance and user experiences in professional and community buildings and private dwellings. Making it child’s play to get the best out of your environment.


The various technologies that contribute to indoor comfort – lighting, heating, ventilation, sound systems etc. – become easy to manage, either on the spot or remotely.


Bezonia lets you set up dedicated protocols to increase the security of buildings and their inhabitants – access, monitoring, emergency response…


Bezonia enables you to improve the eco-energetic performance of buildings and reduce their environmental footprint by cutting down on energy-consuming hardware.


Bezonia enables the creation of unique, varied sensory worlds – lighting, sound, video etc. So it boosts the user experience all the way up to a real “wow” effect.

Keep your home at your fingertips - and keep an eye on it

House automation and home connectivity often entail separate solutions, meaning that occupants have to use different applications and control devices. Bezonia provides a solution that lets you centralise control and synchronise the various installations in a simple, handy way. From a computer, tablet or smartphone. On the spot or remotely. So you can enjoy your home to the full.

Ultra-smart professional and community buildings

In the age of smart buildings and smart cities, professional and community buildings are better and better equipped and connected. As technologies, applications and protocols proliferate, they are becoming more complicated to manage. Bezonia is a unique platform that provides a high-performance solution for managers of connected properties. It simplifies their work and rationalises their tasks. Bezonia is scalable, multi-user and multi-device, meeting all the demands of modern enterprises.