CustoMade, one of Bizmotica’s partners, creatively used Bezonia to build an innovative solution for ‘La Fête des Solidarités’ in Namur
Bizmotica innovative products were once again smartly used by our partner Customade during La Fête des Solidarités in Namur on August 29-30.
An original, interactive and connected solution was provided to capture the thoughts of visitors on specific subjects. Interviews were broadcasted using two Bezonia Videomatons and instantly re-transmitted on two Bezonia Kiosks, real-time synced with the videomatons, enabling visitors to review interviews during the entire week-end.
One of those Bezonia Videomatons was installed in an Ecopostale cargo cycle, ensuring the entire public could be reached.
Another exciting Bezonia project realized by our Partner Customade !