Last week was definitely a busy one for Bizmotica as for the first time ever, our company indeed presented its Bezonia automation solution on a professional fair. Results were way above expectations.
“Impressive”, “Wow”, “How do you do this?”, “This is what I’ve been looking for since years!”, “Where have you been all this time?” are statements we’ve been hearing a lot these past days.
When we couldn’t think about more positive comments coming from professionals, it for sure proves the original chosen path is the correct one. Our duty is now to keep on improving our solution and make it even more efficient than it already is.
Our busy agenda is now getting even busier as a lot of contacts want to dig deeper in the extended possibilities offered by Bezonia and integrate its unique features in their daily practice.
Thank you to the entire Bizmotica Belgium team for having worked so hard for this event, to Wtec for having built such an amazing stand full of capabilities, to Yannick for her artistic help and to Karine for the logistic help during the show. Thanks also to Bose Pro and Audio+ for the help with the material during this week. Last but not least, thank you to our visitors for having made this busy week an unforgettable success.