Technology made easy...

Installing automation and connectivity technologies in buildings often involves a welter of contractors, hardware, protocols, interfaces and applications. Using them is sometimes complicated, rarely optimal and often far removed from the smartness that is being sought.

Universal, adaptable and scalable, the Bezonia interface works independently of brands and protocols, which it integrates while enabling different technologies and applications to communicate via a standardized shared language.

Bezonia provides a joined-up solution for architects, design consultants, installers, engineering offices, integrators and building occupants who want to optimise resources and improve the user experience of different spaces.


Ultra-simple, user-friendly interface


Compatible with all systems, technologies and brands


Scalable, adaptable system incorporating current and future technologies    


Ultra-secure cloud environment


Multi-user interface with real-time status updates    


Improved eco-energy performance for buildings


Less hardware needed, so a smaller environmental footprint

User experience

Creates an ecosystem that improves the user experience

Living in a very smart environment

Bezonia integrates various technologies that were previously separate.

The result:

  • simplified, optimal use
  • reduced integration costs for new functionalities
  • better resource use
  • greater comfort
  • improved eco-energy performance.

Bezonia is a scalable, adaptable solution that suits all kinds of properties and both public and private spaces.

With just a few clicks, the central control interface enables the user to create and plan simultaneous actions, sequences or synergies among the various systems and technologies installed.

Each user can configure the different sequences according to preference or need.